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James Macpherson in his own words


May 14, 2007: Here’s a link to all of the posts I’ve made about Pasadena Now, too. I support what Pasadena Now is doing. I don’t support replacing local journalists with writers in another country, but adding writers to supplement the city council coverage we have now using videos and documents available online (like Pasadena Now is doing) seems like it could be a good thing for our community. I don’t think it could hurt. Adding someone to write articles based on interviews also seems like an interesting idea; I’m curious about how it will work out.

Pasadena Now is an online-only news site. Our other two main local news sources are Pasadena Star News and Pasadena Weekly, both of which publish online as well as in print and both of which are larger organizations.

Before this story broke, I met James Macpherson (the publisher of Pasadena Now) twice in person, and we also exchanged emails about our shared interest in using the internet for community building in Pasadena. He has used a couple of my photographs for Pasadena Now stories (for free), and he has also published work by other local bloggers. From my perspective he’s a neighbor and he seems like a nice guy. I like him and I like Pasadena Now.

8 thoughts on “Links for following the Pasadena Now discussion online

  1. All news outlets have used the same agency story. So, it really is about the globalisation of news!!! i.e., one point of view is replicated in over 200 news sites. Now, isn’t that hegemonic????

  2. Yes, I’m finding it very disturbing! This is one of the few stories I’ve followed in extreme depth, and the repetition of the same story by the same writer all over the place with slight changes is making me trust traditional news sources less. There’s a lot of repetition without a lot of thought or inquiry.

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  4. Wow, impressive list, Jill. I hadn’t seen a tenth of those links, and we’ve obviously been very interested in the story. Thanks for compiling the list and for your comments over at the FC.

  5. Gosh…Pasadena Star News is sure one insecure website…”Gandhi…Shirtless..noble…n cheap”….sure he must be…but atleast he’s not like ur great politicians who can think of nothing but getting between their colleagues legs..!!!

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