Duck eggs from DerVaes Gardens

Duck eggs from DerVaes Gardens here in Pasadena

These duck eggs are delicious and worth every penny.

I called DerVaes Gardens hoping to try their chicken eggs, but they were sold out when I called. The weather was overcast, and the chickens don’t lay as much in overcast weather, but the ducks don’t seem to mind it. (They don’t force their hens or ducks to lay.) I was hesitant about the idea of duck eggs. I was afraid that they’d be gamey or off-tasting, but I decided to give them a try. Actually, I waited for Gavin to try them first. He had fried a couple for us, and he took the first bite. He said they tasted like chicken eggs. I took a bite. They were… good. I ate some more. They were great, even. I think the word “Wow!” was uttered several times that morning. They tasted like chicken eggs… only better.

The yolks are bright, dark orange, and the shells are strong and thick. We’ve been eating them fried (basted, actually) and in omelettes. We’re on our second dozen of them now.

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