41 thoughts on “Black ladybug with red spots at Eaton Canyon

  1. i found one in my backyard and i got a picture on my phone before it flew off… the coolest part was the red spots were shaped like hearts!

  2. I live in FL and have these all over our yard in these whispy bush like plants. My daughter loves to look for them and have it crawl on your hands and arms.

  3. I found one on my Italian plum tree yesterday. I found the image here by when searching to see if it really was a ladybug, or some kind of pest. Glad to know it’s helpful!

  4. hey me and my sister found one in are backyard. we live in Culver City…… so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I found one of these in my moms garden in Portland,Oregon! its really cool…. I am going to try to keep it as a pet but idk if it will survive… What should I name him/her?? :) <3

  6. I just saw one land on my knee in West FLorida 4th of July weekend. I thought it was a ladybug not sure and it just dawned on me to look it up and I saw this pic and instantly knew thats what I was graced with. I had never seen one before in my life!!!! So awesome to blessed with so much wildlife…

  7. I just had one buzz all around me in my bedroom in Belgrade, SERBIA! I acctualy googled it to make sure I am not tripping…black ladybug…first time I even heard about it!

  8. I just found one on my wall in my bedroom never seen one before in brighton!!! A bit scary looking and they buzz but still so cool

  9. i just found 4, in spokane WA. 3 have one red dot on ether side. one has one yellow dot on each side. iv never seen so many lady buys today. was an invasion of 100’s maybe more all day long for the past two days. first time iv seen black ones. thought it was amazing first time i seen one.!

  10. We went to the campground yeaterday (11-6-11) in Pierston, In. and I had one on my sholder, had never seen one before guess I was lucky

  11. One landed on me and I got a picture of it here in Irvine, California. Black with two red dots on each side. Looks kind of like a “Geek Squad” car.

  12. Houston logging in here. December 9, 2012 we found a colony of them, with larvae, at our nursery (RCW Nurseries) eating scale (yes, I said scale – not usual for a ladybug/ladybird) on a chinese flame tree.

  13. First time seeing an all black ladybug with two red spots in person. In fact it’s exactly the same as the one in the picture. Stamford, CT. July 19, 2013

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